Dr. Leana Wen

emergency physician, public health leader, patient advocate

Table of Contents


PART I: How We Got Here
Chapter One: From Shaman to Black Boxes
Chapter Two: Do As I Say; Do As I Do

PART II: Cookbook Medicine—Live from the ER
Chapter Three: The Mechanic with the Pulled Muscle
Chapter Four: The Mother of Two Who Had Trouble Breathing
Chapter Five: The College Student with a Bad Headache
Chapter Six: The Woman Who Fainted at the Sight of a Sandwich

PART III: The Building Blocks to Avoid Misdiagnosis
Chapter Seven: A Crash Course to Diagnosis
Chapter Eight: Begin at the Beginning
Chapter Nine: What’s the Story?
Chapter Ten: What Does the Story Mean?
Chapter Eleven: Help Me Help You
Chapter Twelve: It’s Just Common Sense!

PART IV: How to Get to the Right Diagnosis
Chapter Thirteen: The 8 Pillars to Better Diagnosis
Chapter Fourteen: Prescriptions for Patients
Chapter Fifteen: Cookbook Outcomes, Revisited

PART V: Prescription for Reform
Chapter Sixteen: Diagnosis, Multiplied
Chapter Seventeen: Countering the Skeptics


Appendix One: Prescriptions for Healthcare Providers
Appendix Two: 21 Exercises Towards Better Diagnosis
Appendix Three: Worksheets Towards Your Diagnosis
Appendix Four: 911 Glossary of Key Terms

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